Recorded your audiobook and now struggling to get a good quality for publishing?

No worries, I am here to help!

Who am I?

My name is Stan. I am an audio engineer with continuous experience since 1997.

Having a huge experience in this area and still being in love with my job, I offer you a tailor-made approach in audiobook production:

  • Sticking to script (editing out the bad takes and fillers);
  • Cleaning (fan noises, clicks, dog barking and so forth);
  • Mastering (leading to Audible/ACX standards);

also no doubt:

  • Reasonable price;
  • and Delivering just in time.

How the workflow is looking?

  • You record yourself (better your microphone  — better the result… but in some cases even iPhone may work);
  • You’re sending raw files to me;
  • I am doing some magic and sending the processed files back to you;
  • and then it’s Time to get famous — upload your Audiobook to Amazon or Barnes & Noble marketplace.

Before starting work, I always do test tasks at no cost, but also you can take a look at the upper menu of this site for some Portfolio and Testimonials.

Payments Security

With all my clients I am working through Upwork™ (a marketplace for freelancers) that in fact is a great warrantor, so both sides are safe to work with each other.

Let’s get started

I love audiobooks! If you are looking for reliable editor and mastering engineer for your mastepiece, contact me.

You can use either your mailbox and send an email to or a simple contact form right on this page.


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