DIY Mastering for ACX

DIY Mastering for ACX

Master your voice to meet Audible/ACX requirements, even though you’re not a techie.

In this short tutorial — how am I doing it and why it’s so important to keep your recording room quiet and preferably free of strong room reflections.

UPD: in a hindsight… honestly, it’s not the only way to do that, as you probably understand… but the basis still is working and you can apply it in any DAW!


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Tailored editing

Tailored editing

I have plenty of projects where I am asked to clean up and master a track combined of different snippets (for example, an interview or an ad footage taken in different places with different acoustic and noise floor conditions, and then tied up).

In such a cases you can’t just pass your track through Noise Reduction automatic module. These cases require much more neat and individual approach. You have to teach your De-Noiser (De-Reverb module as well) every time you see a new chunk. Then these fragments should be levelled and EQ-ed to make a feeling of consistency.

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Automatic audio processing

Automatic audio processing

Recently my client gave me one of his podcast recordings which he has processed through online audio processing service. While i had no claims about loudness levelling and normalization in this file, I noticed almost intact plosives (low frequency spikes — usually below 100 Hz, — that sound very unpleasant and annoying).

Here’s my little analysis.
Tool: iZotope RX6 (industry standard in Audio Restoration realm).

Working with loudness

Levelling and normalization — good job. On the second screenshot you can see the declining trend. In the second part of the file speaker has increased his intonations and subjectively sounded louder. So it was a correct job.


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