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“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Who am I?


My name is Stan and I welcome you at Yarpeaudio — post-production studio that can make your “bedroom-made” audio ready to be published.

I am an audiobook/podcast engineer and producer, with a wide range of experience, who has been in the industry since 1997.

I have extensive experience in a specific niche of audiobook/podcast production and it continues to be my favourite area, which serves to keep me in love with my job.

I offer you

A tailor-made approach to audiobook/podcast production:

— Editing (sticking to script, editing out the bad takes and fillers);
— Mixing with music and SFX;
— Cleaning (fan noises, clicks, dog barking and so forth);
— Mastering (to ACX, Findaway Voices, iTunes and other standards).

A little bit more you can find here.

I also guarantee

Reasonable pricing;
— Timely completion (I care about your deadlines!);
— Personable and prompt communication;

And I am happy to explain any technical questions you have.

Typical Workflow

— You record yourself (the better your microphone — the better the result… but, in some cases, even an iPhone may work);
— You send raw files to me;
— I work my magic and send the processed, production-ready, files back to you;
— Then it’s Time to Get Famous — publish your audio products!

Before everything starts, I am always happy to do a test task at no cost, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Payment Security

Almost with all my clients I am working through Upwork™ (a marketplace for freelancers), which is a great warrantor, ensuring both parties are financially protected.

Let’s get started!

I love what I do! And I would love to work on your projects! Any style or genre is welcome. If you are looking for a reliable editor and mastering engineer for your masterpiece, let’s get in touch!

Please contact me using any option convenient for you!