Again.. Mic Sounds Like Crap. Why..?

So, why your shiny microphone (and in this case it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a USB mic or the one that’s being connected through an additional audio interface) may sound so awful?

Turns out, this is a common problem, especially for beginners… and it’s easy to fix! Check out the software settings and pick your microphone! Most likely that’s the only reason.

Wait… but how the sound is being captured then..? Your laptop has its own default mic, and that mic works instead of your Yeti. That is how… pretty simple.

Long story short — here’s how it sounds, feel the difference. Standalone vs Laptop integrated mic.

Okay… so what do we do?


Go to Edit -> Preferences in your software (I use an Audacity as an example, but they all alike) and pick your microphone or audio interface from the drop down list.

Or use the drop down menu in your toolbar (again, it’s an Audacity):

Still doesn’t work..?


Check out the global sound settings and choose your microphone. Here’s how it looks like in Windows.


Sometimes (Mac users) your Audacity DAW doesn’t recognize your mic, so it might be helpful to even reboot your machine or get resourceful in some other way. Just don’t give up 😉

That’s it! Should be working…

Yeah, and make sure the cable is actually connected to your machine! Just in case…

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— Stan