Audiobook Editing, Corrections & Timestamps

In order to save time and money on post-production stage, please make sure you’ve clearly marked all the places you’ll have to redo or fix. It’s crucially important that you (or your audioengineer) would be able to spot those places as fast as possible not being forced to desperately scan through the entire manuscript and audio recording.

Here’s the template (download it here) for you to use and make your audioengineer happy during the error fixing stage. Just don’t forget to fill out first three columns as they are very important!

And once again — please pay attention to this stage and fill out these rows and columns carefully, because here’s the thing… every once in awhile I get a corrections spreadsheet populated, say, not so attentively, okay..? And what happens next? Instead, for example, of Chapter #5 client puts it as Chapter#6, and then instead of fix-it-and-forget-about-it procedure I’ve got to spend time and client’s money on an absolutely unnecessary thing — figuring this out and tryig to understand 1) where the issue is and 2) is there an issue at all?

If you need an advice or assessment, or you want me to prepare your audiobook for publishing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

And always work with those you want to hug ツ

— Stan