Hello. I am an audio engineer. I love audiobooks and I am blessed to be able to listen to interesting stories and make money out of that!

I’ve got many accomplished audiobook projects in my portfolio… but due to the fact that Audible doesn’t provide you with engineer’s name, I can’t give you the link saying “please check out the credits and you gonna find my name”.

Now, how can I prove my expertise? How can I prove that my works have really been published on major platforms…?

I’ll give you some links to Audible and a sample “before -> after” where you can clearly see what’s happening. Okay, here we go!

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Non-fiction. Self-publishers

I’ve got many of clients who are the professionals in their areas and they want to share their knowledge with others (or maybe better market their services through the audiobook). Here are some of them.

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It’s been a fairly challenging one… As the title suggests, the author/narrator has a pretty significant speaking issue, and well… I had to make the audiobook more listenable. Thank you, Dave, for this experience! It’s been a pleasure.

Fact-based fiction

Couple of words.

So far this one is the only audiobook on which I was credited as an audio producer (they say it out loud, so in order to check it you’ll have to buy their book… aye aye captain).

I’ve been blessed to work on this audiobook! It started just as a fairly simple job (editing and mastering to ACX standard), but turned into Audio Drama with music and SFX! This audiobook is a fact-based fiction narrated by the author — Frank Santorsola, retired NYPD detective. It was so exciting to work with Mr. Santorsola and his team! Thank you all guys for this pleasure!

Other projects…

There are more, believe me… actually, I think I have already proved that you can really find my works at Amazon.

But here I’d like to remember one of the most interesting and challenging projects.

From the audio production perspective it became an audio drama series with lots of dialogues, foley, music and special effects. You can find the sample below.

Over there you can find the full description of the project, but on this page I’d like just share a quote:

Run On is a wearable/mobile app to help urban adults follow scientific running plans. Run On provides adaptive running stories according to users’ real-time heart rate. It was awarded as the Grand Prize Winner out of 150 apps in the NYU Mobile App Contest.

Please take your time and have a read about this project! Because it’s really very interesting and the author — beautiful new yorker Jiayan Li — put her soul to it.

Want some more?

Here’s a link to Google Drive folder with samples from other projects.


My Upwork page may bring some light… there are many of feedbacks from my clients!

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