“Echoey” voice doesn’t sound 100% professionally. Period. If you want to improve this area of your audiobook recording and you don’t want to bring all of those acoustic pads and blankets into your room, I’ve got you!

First of all, listen to this (it’s a BEFORE -> AFTER sample, so don’t be confused). And, you better use the headphones to assess the difference.

Sounds good..? I can do that for you, too.

Now, this is a so called “de-reverb” procedure. This isn’t a trivial task (I mean, it is not as easy as adding some “highs” or “lows”). It is feasible, but it requires additional time and efforts to make it happen.

Here’s my audiobook calculator, which includes “de-reverb” operation as well.

Have some questions or test tasks to do..? Drop me a message!

Here we go!

Option #1. Based on a words number (taken from manuscript)

Option #2. Based on hours number (actually recorded time)

All the necessary explanations (e. g. formulas) you’ll find in a Basic Version of this calculator.