When Possible Use a Tablet to Read From

Sometimes clients read their audiobooks from a paper copy, sigh… Please don’t, if possible. Use a tablet or a laptop instead.

Thing is, publishing companies, ACX for example, don’t like any extra sounds, so the engineer has to meticulously clean that up. It’s not feasible every single time, and then we have a dilemma — to leave the rustle or to have the new filtering artifacts.

Check out this sample and notice those unpleasant artifacts, they sound awful.

So, for the audiobook please don’t read from the paper copy. You’ll save engineer’s nerves and time (and your money, by the way).

As usual, if you need an advice or assessment, or you want me to prepare your audiobook for publishing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Always work with those you want to hug ツ

— Stan