What’s my offer in a nutshell?

Editing and mastering of your audiobook/podcast according to ACX, YouTube and standards of any other online platform.

As an experienced audio engineer, I’ll take care of all the technical things related to quality of your audio projects:

  • I’m going to advise you how to properly record yourself (the best microphone position, program settings, exporting of your files and so forth).
  • I’ll do the post-production (cleaning/editing/mastering) stages for you, according to commercial standards, ACX for instance.
  • If you like, I can teach you how to do all these things by yourself.
  • I’ll be with you until your audiobook is successfully submitted! No exceptions!

Wanting to record a book you’ve written yourself?

You’ve written your book. The paper/digital copy already is on the market. What next…?

  • Make an audio version of it! In many cases, you don’t even have to get a professional voice actor… You can do that yourself! Not sure how? Ask me.
  • I’ll guide you through the process of recording (really, all you need is a computer with a freeware recording program, inexpensive microphone for podcasters and some motivation).
  • Once done, I’ll take your raw files, work some magic and you are ready to submit your audiobook and turn it into a passive income!

Professional narrator/podcaster struggling with time-consuming editing and/or quality standards, seeking to outsource an engineer?

Cool… If you are looking for a companion, an audio engineer, to take care of your material, I’ve got you!

I am a reliable and highly detail-oriented editor and mastering engineer, so you can feel absolutely secure in your collaboration with me.

Any Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any of questions or to ask me to complete a test task at no cost!