Always Try to Automate the Editing Process

When it comes to effectiveness (eventually time and money, right?) we need to automate all the routine processes as much as we can.

The most boring actions in audiobook production are the mistakes removal and de-breathing.

So, what can you do to speed up the audiobook or podcast editing process?

If you are a fan of destructive-type audio editors

Try to find out if they have customizable hotkeys and/or macros. For example, one of the most popular free audio editors — Audacity — has both, so you can assign your own hotkeys for routine actions.

The other — commercial — product iZotope RX (which is an industry flagship) has number of tools to speed up the work. If you are using this amazing editor, just make sure you know about them.

If you prefer non-destructive audio editors

Also, first thing, make sure they allow you to use your custom hotkeys and build macros.

Personally I am a fan of Reaper DAW. It provides you with incredible functionality for very reasonable price.

Well, if you are a happy Reaper user, get familiar with its Custom Actions functionality. For instance, here’s what you can do in order to automate many actions while de-breathing.

  1. Go to Actions and create a New Custom Action.
  2. In the left pool find Split Items at Time Selection and drag it to the right.
  3. Then find Nudge Items Volume and drag as many as you need.
  4. Finish it with Unselect All Items and save the sequence.

You can assign a hotkey and here’s how it works… Just a matter of one keystroke!

If you need a similar custom action for the general editing process (cut and remove something), try the following:

  1. Create new custom action.
  2. Go find and drag Split Items at Time Selection and Remove Items.

Assign a hotkey and you’re armed!

Make sure you use the Ripple mode, just not to force yourself to move items manually.

As you can see, now it’s a matter of seconds and as simple and fast as a one keystroke.

Anyways, if you don’t use/like Reaper, you got the idea! Explore your DAW of choice and use its functionality efficiently. Happy working!

If you need an advice or assessment, or you want me to prepare your audiobook for publishing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

And always work with those you want to hug ツ

— Stan