To Publish Your Audiobook in Your Website

It’s pretty unusual post for me (since I only publish audiobook mastering techie tips-n-tricks)… anyway, one client of mine has asked my advice on the following — How do I publish my audiobook in my website in a most convenient way?

There are actually at least two options.

  1. You can upload files directly on your website (I would suggest uploading them as a separate chapters) and create an audio player using the built-in capabilities of your website.
  2. Or you can upload files to some of the third-party services like Soundcloud or YouTube, create a playlist and publish it in your website. A little bit on that option…
  • Upload all your files to your YouTube channel (let’s take it as an example, because Soundcloud has its restrictions, it only allows you to freely upload 180 min of the content). However, YouTube has its restrictions, too. It doesn’t allow you to upload AUDIO format directly, so you’ll have to convert your WAVs or MP3s to any VIDEO format. Here’s how it can be done (one of many options).
  • Create a playlist out of them.
  • And then go find a sharing button for new playlist and generate an embed code (looks like this).

Then simply copy this code and put it on a dedicated page of your website.

Should look like this (playlist sits at the upper right corner of the screen).

And that’s pretty much it! You’ll get a playlist of all of your chapters with convenient navigation and with no headache.

And as usual, if you need an advice or assessment, or you want me to prepare your audiobook for publishing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Always work with those you want to hug ツ

— Stan