About Yarpeaudio

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My name is Stan and Yarpeaudio it’s me. Welcome!

I am an audio engineer, producer (graduated in Audio Production) with continuous experience (since 1997) in various Audio Production and Post Production realms.

My mission

My mission (let me use such a word) is to help narrators and indie authors, who are doing their own audiobooks and struggle to get a good quality for publishing.

Please check out my Services and Rate pages and if you have additional questions, I’ll be happy to answer!


I offer a tailor-made approach. My dad was a tailor and I know what the attention to the details is.

Being a pro in my area I work on audio stuff as a tailor does — inch-by-inch, frequency-by-frequency.

I always am asking my clients for test tasks, so that they may clearly see if I am a right contractor or not. If you are a Podcaster, or an Audiobook or Educational course publisher, author, narrator, interviewer, you can be sure that your product will meet ACX and other online platforms delivering standards. I can make your audio stuff sweetened, polished and public-ready.

Samples of work

Please take a look at some of my portfolio tracks in the area below. This portfolio is far far away from completeness (from the perspective of the overall volume of the accomplished projects), but these tracks are ones that perfectly showcase my hardskills in Audio Engineering.

But you know what… I believe that the best way to assess the contractor is to let him show his skills doing a test task. Let’s get in touch! 

Audiobooks, podcasts, educational courses, etc.

Music mixing and mastering