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Need help editing and mastering your recorded audiobook or podcast to high quality for publication..? No worries, I am here to help!

Stan Vdovitski

“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Who am I?


My name is Stan Vdovitski and Yarpeaudio it’s me! 

I am an audiobook/podcast engineer and producer, with a wide range of experience, who has been in the industry since 1997.

I have extensive experience in the specific niche of audiobook/podcast production and it continues to be my favourite area, which serves to keep me in love with my job.

I offer you

A tailor-made approach to audiobook/podcast production:

— Editing (sticking to script, editing out the bad takes and fillers);
— Mixing with music and SFX;
— Cleaning (fan noises, clicks, dog barking and so forth);
— Mastering (to ACX, Findaway Voices, iTunes and other standards).

A little bit more you can find here.

I also guarantee

Reasonable pricing;
— Timely completion (I care about your deadlines!);
— Personable and prompt communication;

And I am happy to explain any technical questions you have.

Typical Workflow

— You record yourself (the better your microphone — the better the result… but, in some cases, even an iPhone may work);
— You send raw files to me;
— I work my magic and send the processed, production-ready, files back to you;
— Then it’s Time to Get Famous — publish your audio products!

Prior starting work on a project, I am always happy to do test tasks at no cost.

Payment Security

With all my clients I am working through Upwork™ (a marketplace for freelancers), which is a great warrantor, ensuring both parties are financially protected.

Let’s get started!

I love what I do! And would love to work on your projects! Any style or genre is a pleasure to work on. If you are looking for reliable editor and mastering engineer for your masterpiece, let’s get in touch!

Please contact me using any option convenient for you!